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How To Make A simple 12v dc to 220 converter

We square measure create a straightforward 12V DC to 220V AC electrical converter reception eaisly. This DIY 12V to 220V

   DC      to
Ac Current
the device is worked with CMOS 4047 that's the city phase of this small voltage amendment that Convert a 12VDC to 220VAC. 4047 is used as AN astable mutivibrator at pins ten and eleven can have a balanced rectangular sign (square wave) that is increase by a pair of Darlington transistors finally reach the additional loop of mains electrical device (2x10V/60W).

Need Some Componts

2 Pcs TIP31 Transistor 

2 Pcs 15ohm Resistor 

Transformer with Center tap, 1-15 Ampere

(I employ 1 amp, however, it has a small scale voltage submit.
I impose you to utilize 5-15 amp transformer)

Furthermore, Breadboard

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