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It is home safety system used laser light and a light sensor LDR. A safety system is used to save our home offices banks Schools and etc  Form the unofficial Persion.
Diffrent types of safety system accessible and laser base safety system is also an major  and diffrent tyes of laser  safety syatem. 
A Laser safety system can detect everything  which cross the laser light and activate sound or noise, or it can call throughout cell phone which is connected with its system.
In this project, we have designed a very simple home safety system project, which acts like a tripwire and triggers an Alarm when the laser in interrupted. We have designed it with some components you can Made it modern as you want.

Components Required For Home Safety  System

  • LDR
  • 230 Ω Resistors (1/4 Watt)
  • 10 KΩ Potentiometer
  • IRF 740 or any
  • Small Buzzer
  • Laser Pointer
  • 4V Battery
  • Connecting Wires

Project Design laser light Safety  Alarm

The design of the laser Safety system circuit is simplay even it can be Make  by inexpert person at home very easily. LDR and a 10 K Ω resistor are connected in a voltage divider fashion and its output  is Attched to the buzzer When volts are similarly dived the buzzer will main silent and as laser light fail to drop on LDR the resistance of LDR fall of which trigger the buzzer.

Lead Laser Safety Circuit

  • This is very simpaly, rasing and setup for the Laser Safety System is very simple.
  • We have used a battery as power supply, the laser security system can work even when there is a power outage.
  • It can be Make at home with simplay accessible
  • Laser light can b diverted throughout simpaly mirror to defence
     more area.

Lead Home Safety System

The laser Safety system Alarm work only if the laser light is fit ful by junction its light. If Anywherlevel crossing the safeguard area without choke  the laser, it is contemplate as a failure.

  • Lead home safety  system can be used for the safety of locker in our homes,  even if the code of locker  is hacke, it acts as an extra  layer of Safety system.
  • This laser security systems, can be used to defend place from the Animils and children also.
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