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Hi friends Read In This Artical How To Use TIP 127 TRANSISTOR PINOUT

Type - PNP

Authority Emitter Voltage: - 100 V

Authority Base Voltage: - 100 V

Producer Base Voltage: - 5 V

Authority Current: - 5 A

Authority Dissipation - 65 W

DC Current Gain Maniuim And Maximum (hfe) - 1000

Working and Storage Junction Temperature Range - 65 to +150 °C

Bundle - TO-220

Tip127 Transistor use is diffrent change Applying.

 The piar of  transistors connected in the side As A  darlington Add the transistor get to show whether it is use As a switch or Amplifire in both together the darlington pair provide more reactivity to a small signal.

whether you like to use is a switch then the transistor can be manage in complete overload mode by provding only 120mAh to its base.With 5Amp output current you can oprate A virity of devices in your Electronic Application.TIP 127 PNP Transistor Can Also use As A diffrient Amplifire augment And Operate A spaker face to face for a small audio coming form any deviecs.
TIP127 PNP Transistor Pinout  can be use Also an audio preamplifire or Amplifire of Any singal.
Appliction Of Transistor NPN 127 TIP
Drive Loads below 5Amh

Audio Amplifire dock 

Audio Power Amplifire 
Audio Ampifire or PreAmplifire

Can Be Used At the outturn of microcontroller


To get a long term discharge With TIP127 NPN Transistor Advance to A not load of More then 5Mah through transistor.
Do Not Oprated load Of More then 100V through  its transistor and use fitting Base Resistor
With the transistor.
all the time Must be cheek Pinout before Placing in the cricuIt And do not store in reversal

Below 65 % Centigrade And Above +150% Centigade.

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