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The IRF3205 is N-Channel MOSFET that can switch high current up to 110A & 55V.

The strong suit of the IRF3205  It has very low on-resistance of only 8.0 mΩ create 

it acceptable for switching circuits like  DC-DC Inverter, motor speed control & Inverters, etc.

It is As well one of the simplest within reach & low-cost MOSFET with a low on-resistance. Pin geography of IRF3205 MOSFET Pinout.

IRF3205 Pinout

1GateGP-TypeControls the current between Drain and Source
2DrainDN-Type Electrons Emitter(Drain)
3Source SN-Type Electrons Collector(Source)

Review of IRF3205:

Accessible in To-220 collection 
Little On-Resistance of 8.0 mΩ

rock-bottom Gate doorway voltage 2V

Its Transistor is frequently used with Power Switching circuits

Unbroken Drain Current (ID) is 110A when VGS is 10V

N-Channel Fore MOSFET

Drain to Spring  Crash Voltage: 55V

Wicket Gate-Source Voltage is (VGS) is ±20V

175 °C Operating Temperature

 Take turns of IRF3205:

The Take turn of IRF3205 are: IRF1405, IRF1407, IRF3305, IRFZ44N, IRFB3077, IRFB4110.RFB4110G, IRFB4310, IRFB4310G, IRFB4310Z, IRFB4310ZGIRFB3006, IRFB3006G, IRFB3077, IRFB3077G, IRFB3206, IRFB3206G, IRFB3207.

A claim of this transistor:

 1  Solar inverters

2  Speed Control


4  Improve Inverters

5 Industrial & Commercial applications

 6  Full-Bridge

7  Push-Pull

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