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The 2N7002 N-Channel is a argumentation volume MOSFET with a low on-state resistance. This mosfet has a low gate to source Approch voltage of 2.1volts and often this build the mosfet acceptable smooth for 3.3volt peal circuits. As the mosfet has low on shape resistance it has high coherence through when we oprate the mosfet. Due to this things it can maintain high switching showing and therefore used widely in power care suit. The 2N7002 mosfet also comes in a SMD bundle so can be used for compact suits. One solid drawback of this mosfet is its low drain current; it can supply a continuous current of 200mA and crown currents upto 1A at max portal voltage. everything more than that will downside the mosfet.


The 2N7002 N Channel be made up of 3  pins total. The pins along with the kinds and names  are liable above table. Electrons pass from Drain to source terminal. The output current turn on on the voltage apply to the Gate terminal.

Gate   G     P Type  contoral the currnet between  drain and source

 Drain  D   N Type electrons Emitter 

Source S N Type Electrons Collector

Deatils of 2N7002

  • Accessible in To-92 and SOT23-3L Bundle
  • On-state Resistance is <5 Ω
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 200mA
  • Max Gate doorway voltage (VGS-th) is 3volt
  • Drain Source Voltage (VDS) is 60V
  • N-Channel MOSFET with short on-state resistance
  • Min  Gate Approch voltage (VGS-th) is 1volt
  • Turn ON and Turn off time is 15ns and 8ns each Pin

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