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In this Post we are go to describe In how to fix LED light 220ac. today life it becomes more fascinating and more major since people want teeny method and teeny circuits. 
So overcome to meet the ultimatum of latest age3.7V we show a easy method to bright led light to 220  volts AC. Led light show in the backing figure is so easy to made.

Layout of led to 220Ac

In this circuit layout we have use one diode a 56k/1w resistor and a LED.

How To Couple LED light to 220 ac (PARTS)

1. An LED – 5 mm or 10 mm of any color any type

2. A diode, preferably 1 N 4007

3. A resistor of 1 watts or higher rating 47k.

4. A two pin male plug

Under resister morals will allow more brightness3.7V and higher values will draw out LED life.
Under wattage of resistor like 1/4,1/2 watt or lower will not do and may burn since they are stand for  6v DC circuits, not for 220v AC Main.


1. Attach black anode of diode to negative of the led 0r as you want.
2. join the resistor to the positive of the LED or as you want but circuits must As claimed to rules.
3. Fix the free ends of the diode and resistor to the male show in the pic.
See the attached pic for clarity.

Another circuit with the diode attach “across” the LED is also attached. A Lamp base adapter is used instead of a male pin.
It should work on 110v AC / 22
0v AC Main.

It will As well work on any battery.
Once again check all components are attech rightly.
Before solder resistor and diode with3.7V led now pack it in the two pic plug like that
To grow the coherenceof this circuit join a 10uf capacitor.

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