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A Converter is a Little circuit that Changes the shortest current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The Force of a battery is  Transform into main voltages or AC(Current) voltage.

 We can use AC power for electronic devices like television, Lamp, mobile phones, Washing Machine computer, etc. The basic function of an inverter is to convert DC to AC. A Step-up transformer is Using to generate main voltages. In this post, we are going to Make a 100 watts inverter circuit.

The block line drawing describe that battery donate is particular to the MOSFET engineer
 where it will swing the DC current and the follow swing current is given to the step-up transformer then step-up transformer Likely AC Power.

Components  for 100 watts Converter circuit

1  12v Battery-1

Transformer – 150VA – 1

3   Capacitor – 0.01uF – 1

   Switch – 1

 5   Diode – 1N4007 – 1

  6   Resistor – 1k ohm – 2

 Resistor – 390k ohm – 1

 8   Resistor – 220 ohm – 2

9   Resistor – 330 ohm – 1

10   MOSFET IRF540 -2

11    IC – CD4047 – 1 

 Diagram of  Converter circuit

Work Details of 100 watts Converter circuit

CD4047 is a multi-vibrator with very low-cost power utilization. It can Control in mono-stable multi-vibrator and also a stable multi-vibrator.

In a stable multi-vibrator mode, it utilizes in a free organization or gate able method and also Gives good stable frequency safety. 
It gives rise to a 50% utilization factor that Desing a pulse which is an appeal for the Converter circuit. It is the main user of IC CD4047.

IRF540 is an N-channel MOSFET that is mostly used in switching regulators, switching converters relay Motorist, etc. The Cause in of Back use MOSFET in the CONVERTER circuit is a high switching transistor that working in very low gate Manage the power and have high input immunity.
In this 100 watts converter, we Note that 12V battery is attached to the diode LED and also attach to the pin8, PIN7, PIN9, and PIN12 of the IC.
The effective power supply is also to pin 4,5,6 and 14 which are stable and  supplement
A stable of the IC CD 4047. The Basic province of  Diode in the circuit is to prevent overthrow current.
CD4047 IC works in the stable multi-vibrator mode To works it in a stable multivibrator mode we need a capacitor which is Attach in the middle of the pin1 and pin3 of IC. Pin2 is attached throughout the resistor and a variable resistor to change the output frequency of the inverter. The pins 10 and 11 of the IC are attached to the gate of the IRF540. The out-turn frequencies of pin 10 and 11 generated frequency with a 50% duty cycle.
The output frequency is attached to the MOSFET throughout 220-ohm resistors which will help to avert to the Fill up of the MOSFET. The main AC current is generated by both MOSFET (IRF540). Here MOSFET act as two electronic switches.
The output AC is Give to the step-up transformer of the secondary coil from this coil to Grow AC voltage. These voltages turn-on the power of the transformer.
In this Method, DC Current IN TO Convert Ac Current.

The battery can be a 12V/ 6Ah lead-acid battery.
MOSFET must be Shaped real heat vanish protect.
A transformer can be a 9-0-9 V primary, 230V/110v secondary, 150VA transformer.
This a very simple one suitable for low-grade Appeal to high watt output.

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