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How to CONVERT 12V DC To 220V AC current

Hi Friends, In this Artical we are make to 12v DC to 220v AC inverter.
 Hi friends need componts

  1. 12v Battery
  2. In the positive battery terminal, the electronsRash back in and are accepted the positive Terminal. The oxygen in the active material lead dioxide reacts with the hydrogen  to form water, and the lead reacts with the sulfuric acid to form lead sulfate.
  3. MOSFET IRF 630 -2.
  4. 2N2222 Transistors.
  5. 2.2uf capacitors-2.
  6. Resistor. 680 ohm-2. 12k-2.
  7. 12v-220v center tapped step up transformer.

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