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What is Hometechnology What is HDR?

Friends, as the world of technology is advancing, people are getting more and more attractive towards technology, nowadays everyone uses the smartphone and every moment they want to capture in their smartphone's camera. Is So in order to capture a better and perfect photo, it is very important to have knowledge of all the settings of your smartphone's camera.

Home technology

In this post today, we are going to understand an important setting of the smartphone's camera, after knowing that you can also get a great photo from your smartphone's camera.
You must have seen the option of HDR in your mobile camera, do you know what HDR is and what is the function of HDR?

HDR   Dynamic Range

The full name of HDR is High Dynamic Range, this is a photography technique with the help of which we can take a better picture in very bright light or even in very bright light. You must have noticed that when you take a photo in very bright light or assume that you take your selfie by standing in the sun, then you must have noticed that due to the very bright light in the background, your photo does not clear or else A little black comes, to overcome this problem, the HDR in your smartphone's camera

An option has been given, with the help of this, you can take a good photo in any kind of light. This technique has been used for many years in professional shooting, but as the technology era has increased, now it is being used in smartphones as well and now this technology has become very common and you have to use it for every concert Will be seen in the camera.

Whenever you are taking a photo of a moving object or a moving object, do not use the HDR option of your smartphone camera at all, because as I said earlier, after turning on the HDR, your camera is not one but Takes three photos. When you take a photo of a moving object, the first photo will come right, but the second photo will be out of the frame because while moving the second photo, the moving object will not be at the place where it was in the first photo.

I hope friends, what is HDR? You must have understood well, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then do tell us in the comments and how did you like this post, please tell us by commenting below.

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