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What is Sound?

We  know  the vibration of  objects in  any medium produce waves.   for example vibrator of riple Tank produces  water wave   The medium is the cause is liquid but it can be also gas or a  solid.
Sound Waves.

 1.         Like other waves sound waves is also produced vibrating bodies.

 2      . Due to vibration of boides theSound air sound tem also vibraters
            and the air vibation  produce  sensation of sound in our eair.
           human hearts. Human hearts beats and wavesn   Doctor use
    stethoscop to heare this sound.

 painet body 

               sethtoscope operate on theSound transmisions of sound form the chest piece of sond form

      hollow via air filled ears.

              if the dipharam placed on thecreatingpainet body  sound vibrate the dipharam

          3.  Strike a  Ruber  hammer on atuning fork the production waves form vibriting tuning
              fork .

            An electrical bell is supenend in the bell jar with the help  of   two  wires connected to
            a power supply.

  1.                        SOUND IS    PRODUCED                                                 VIBRITAIING   HUMINS BODY 

           In college laboratories, I Using a machine called tuning  fork to produce a particular
           Strike the tuning fork again rubber  hammer; the tuning fork  will begain to vibrate.
           I can hear the sound produce by tuning fork by brining  in near our one of the progons
           in our ear.
          Touch the bell gently with the prong of a vibrating tuning fork.
         unlike light waves wich are electromagnetic in nature and can also pass through
         vacuum, sound requierd someSound proviede matrical meduim for the prohagation.
         Its can be proved ball jar is placed on the platform of avacuum pump.

      An electric be is suppened in the bell jar with the help of two wires connected to power supply.
    Buy setting on the power supply electric bell willSound begain to ring we can sound in hear the bell.

   Now start pumping out eair form the bell jar mens of vacuum pumps.

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