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Use technology scale up the current IT INFORMATION capacity focus on generating emploable and exportable manpower creating values for youth.
Getting the brand recognized nationally s internationally.

The cement as a leading  organization that provides professional training to all needy youth we ever they are in punjab.
 We aim to achieveits be exeeding our student expectations rewarding our employees and providing 
 suitable  opportunities for all students to start earning a reasonable livelihood.

Our personnel should be inspried by we corporate values ethics ans sence of mission and should be reflected in the realtionship with students and workes styles.

PVTC has developed curricula for almost 92 various traders to creater for the growing demends of   industrial agriculturail health and service sectors
The traning on the trades is being imparted in more than 241 Vocational traning instiutes (VTI)

PVT Act 1998 the take exams and issue IT INFORMATION  certificates  after compleation of training.
The using of computer in the it sector has tremendletion we the last we decades; which has created a greater need for the skilled to earn thier living.

In view of suggestions feedback received form the stakehoders' the curriculum has once again been revised and upgrated with the IT INFORMATION active participation of curriculum review  committee {CRC} keeping
in view the latest technological developments in the field.

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