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Water Level Indicator Using IC

In this article, we have made a water level marker circuit gadget utilizing ic ULN2004. The rule of this circuit is basic and straightforward. The principle segments which are utilized in this circuit are CMOS input perfect, 7-channel IC (LM2004). at the point when the water level ascents in the tank and contact with tests M7 LED 1 begins to gleam. At the point when water contact M6 LED2 shines, etc. Toward the end, when water level contacts the point M1 Buzzer turns On which demonstrates that your tank is full. A similar water level marker can be worked by utilizing transistors.

Enlivened Circuit Diagram for Water Level Indicator 

Water Level Indicator 

The above circuit chart is a vivified circuit outline. We have joined this energized for better understanding. In the above circuit chart, we have utilized a signal with the last yield. This circuit will signal when the tank will be completely filled. Product - 0.5M-15M Wireless Ultrasonic Level Gauge Liquid Depth Level Meter With Temperature Thermo Indicator Water Level Gauge

Circuit Diagram for Water Level Indicator 

In the given circuit graph we have utilized all LEDs to show the degree of water. You can likewise join a transfer rather than a LED which can be utilized to auto turn off the water siphon.

Water Level Indicator 

A water level marker requires the accompanying segments to make a circuit. These parts are anything but difficult to discover. You can buy the entirety of the parts that you need either at a hardware shop store or on the web.

A ULN2004 Integrated Circuit. This is a minor 7 fragments set of premade electronic circuits.

You will likewise require 6 LEDs, which are utilized for demonstrating when the water level is at 10%, 25%,35%,50%,65%, and 75%.

1 ringer is important to flag when the water level 100% full.

7 wires as a sensor are required for estimating the water level. The length of the sensor wires doesn't make a difference. You can bind detecting wires to build the length of wire on the off chance that one is excessively short.

A 6 to 12-volt battery or force supply is required to give vitality to the water level marker.

IC Pin Detail

Points of interest of Water Level Indicator

The water level markers are anything but difficult to fabricated and furthermore ease.

we can distinguish the water level effectively by hearing the blare sound

By utilizing this basic circuit we can control the water level securely and effectively

The data in the article is about the water level alert circuit utilizing the 2004 IC. We trust by perusing this article everybody has increased some essential information about the water level marker and in the event that you have any inquiries regarding this article or about the gadgets and designing undertakings, kindly don't stop for a second to remark on given beneath remarks area.

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