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Water Level Alarm Circuit Working and Its Applications

The water level caution circuit is a basic circuit that is utilized to identify and demonstrate the degree of water in the overhead tank. Every one of the householders are putting away the water in overhead tanks for later use. At the point when we store the water in the tank, nobody can recognize the degree of water. Along these lines, because of flood in the water tank, there is a wastage of vitality and water. A water level marker is utilized to determine this issue. The water level marker circuit can be made at home effectively and it can likewise be obtained from the market effectively. The water level circuits are utilized in the homes, industrial facilities, compound plants, and electrical substations and furthermore in other fluid stockpiling frameworks.

Characterize Water Level Indicator? 

The water level marker is a framework that gets data about the water level in tanks which is utilized in homes. By utilizing the water level pointer we can beat the flood issue of water from the tankers.

Water Level Indicator Using BC 547 Transistor

Water level marker can be planned effectively by utilizing any sort of transistors. in this gadget we are going to utilizing NPN transistors BC547. Prior to beginning to plan the circuit, assemble the accompanying parts as per the given beneath detail.

Parts Detail

Transistor – BC 547 (4 transistors)

Resistors-4, 220 Ohm


Ringer 1

Battery-5-9 V or adoptor

Circuit Explanation 

BC 547 is a NPN bipolar intersection transistor that is utilized to enhance current. In this gadget, we have utilized BC 547 transistors as a Switch. We have made 4 distinct degrees of water level discovery to be specific A, B, C and D. We have associated 3 LEDs and a bell. At whatever point the degree of water arrives at point A, transistor Q1 is turned ON and Red LED begins sparkling. At the point when the degree of water ranges to B point Transistor Q2 is turned ON and the yellow LED begins shining. As the water level arrives at point C, the transistor Q3 is turned ON and the green LED begins gleaming. so also, when the water level arrives at point D, Transistor Q4 is turned On which triggers the signal beginnings blaring showing that the tank is full. We can make various degrees of water discovery utilizing more transistors and LEDs.


In this circuit, the BC547 is utilized. We have appended resistors of 100 Ohm at the base of transistors Q1, Q2 Q3 to shield the transistor from consuming from high current over the LEDs. When there is no present on the base of transistors current doesn't streams from producer to authority that is way LED will stay OFF.

At the point when the water level arrives at the point An, a little flow (conductive momentum) is made between the base of transistor Q1 and the positive terminal of the battery. Hence, the Collector and Emitter of Q1 associated. When the positive voltage is applied at the base of transistor Q1, the transistor Q1 is turned on and the RED LED begins gleaming.

Comparable all transistors diverted on as conductive ebb and flow from the base is applied with water. All transistors turned on when the tank is full. The signal will be turned on as Q4 turned on which demonstrates that the tank is full.

Highlights of Water Level Indicator Circuit:

Expends next to no current/power

Low support

Simple establishment

Convenient and conservative structure

Completely robotized

Completely adjust capable


Water putting away is one of the most significant undertakings. Because of the flood of water tanks, a lot of water is squandered all over. The water level marker venture is perhaps the best answer for shield the water from wastage. From the accompanying given focuses, you can without much of a stretch comprehend the significance of water level pointer

By utilizing this circuit and doing little change we can control our water siphon consequently.

This is a straightforward water level pointer and it can likewise be utilized for a fluid level marker in colossal holders.

It can likewise be utilized in fuel level pointer in engine vehicles. (Be that as it may, you ought not utilize this circuit in fule estimation utilize an implicit circuit for fule.

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