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This outline shows a gadget utilized for water discovery, when the tests interact with water, the alert sounds. It comprises of just 5 parts that are effectively accessible in the market.The IC CD4047 is CMOS-based, so focus on the static while introducing it. Tests can be any two metal surfaces. It is ideal to introduce the screws on the edges of the PCB board, along these lines you get a rack that holds the whole gadget above water and you can utilize any two screws as tests. Setting the alert is to contact the tests by hand or spot the tests of the gadget in the water and change the P1 potentiometer until you get a palatable sound from the piezo speaker.

Segments Detail

Compact disc 4047 IC

Resistor 2M (1)

Resistor 10k (potentiometer)

Capacitor 0.015uf (1)

Pizo (1)

9 volts battery

Battery Cap

2 bits of copper wire as sensor

CD4047 Pin Description4047 IC sticks Out

As referenced before there are 14 pins on the IC interface with each pin is utilized with a particular reason. The given beneath table shows the pin depiction of each pin.It is a CMOS Low Power mono stable/stable multi-vibrator primarily utilized for changing over DC current sign to AC signal.

Pin depiction

Pin# Pin Name Pin Description



Associated with an outer capacitor



Associated with an outer resistor


R-C Common

Basic pin for setting up an association with resistor and capacitor

4 A stable' Must be kept low when utilized in a-steady mode

5 A stable Must be kept high when utilized in a steady mode

6 -Trigger High to Low progress will be given to this pin when utilized in Mono-stable mode

7 Vss Ground Pin

8 +Trigger Low to high change will be given to this pin when utilized in Mono-stable mode

9 EXT Reset External reset triggers when a high heartbeat is given to this pin, resetting the yield Q to low and Q' to high

10 Q Generates high yield

11 Q' It is a backwards yield of pin 10, creating a low yield

12 Re-trigger This pin is utilized in Mono-stable mode for at the same time re-activating +trigger and – trigger pin

13 Osc Out

Create wavered yield

14 Vdd Voltage inventory pin

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