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In this basic Touch Switch circuit we have utilized clock IC 555 worked as ON and OFF. By utilizing this circuit you can kill ON and a gadget by just contacting the Touch Plates or metal utilized as sensor. In the event that the touch plates are set at an advantageous spot, we don't require to move from our area to kill on and the gadget. The significant component of this circuit is that we won't get any electrical stun which we now and again get while utilizing the ordinary switches.

Parts Required 

555 Timer IC

3.3 Mω Resistor (1/4 Watt)

1 Mω Resistor (1/4 Watt)

1 Kω Resistor (1/4 Watt)

Bulb with holder (ordinary or CFL)

5V Relay

BC547 NPN Transistor

1N4007 PN Junction Diode

Circuit Diagram 

Contact switch circuit

Circuit Design

Plan of the Touch ON and Touch OFF Switch circuit is incredibly basic. We have associated the pin no 8 and 4 of the 555 with VCC supply and pin 1 is associated with GND and 5V separately. Pin 2 of IC is pulled HIGH utilizing a 3.3 Mω Resistor and Pin 6 is pulled LOW utilizing a 1 Mω Resistor.

As appeared in the outline two touch plates are associated. If there should arise an occurrence of the touch to ON plate, one end is associated with pin 2 and opposite end is associated with – supply. So also, one finish of the touch to OFF plate is associated with VCC (5v) and the opposite end is associated with Pin 6.

Working of the Project

In the wake of Connecting the circuit according to the circuit outline and apply the 5v power supply.

Contact the "ON" plate with your finger and to kill the gadget , contact the OFF plate as appeared in the circuit outline.

As force supply is applied to circuit, the gadget associated through the transfer (we have associated AC bulb) stays OFF. Presently on the off chance that we watch the circuit graph, Pin 2 of 555 IC is pulled HIGH and Pin 6 is Pulled LOW.

As we contact the ON plate, voltage at Pin 2 of the 555 IC turns out to be LOW. As Pin 6 is as of now LOW, the yield at Pin 3 turns out to be HIGH.

This is associated with the Relay through the Transistor BC 547, the Transistor will be turned ON and it will initiate the Relay and gadget gets turned ON.

Now voltage at pin 6 of 555 ic is zero as it pulled LOW of course and voltage at Pin 2 of IC is HIGH.

Presently, as we contact the OFF plate, Pin 6 is provided with + supply for a limited timeframe and therefore, the yield of IC will turn out to be LOW.

This will kill the transistor and deactivate the transfer. AS result, the gadget will be turned OFF.


A basic Touch to ON and Touch to OFF Switch Circuit can be utilized to control straightforward LED without utilizing any hand-off.

On the off chance that we need to control the AC apparatuses, at that point we need to utilize hand-off with this circuit.

Any AC machine can be constrained by suing this circuit

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