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1. Straightforward Voltage level pointer

Here, we have given thought regarding extremely straightforward voltage level pointer with various two ways.voltage level marker with resistors and voltage level pointer with zenor, Both circuits are basic and educational extraordinarily for the understudies who are tenderfoots in the field of hardware.

Here, we have given thought regarding incredibly basic voltage level pointer with various two ways.voltage level marker with resistors and voltage level pointer with zenor, Both circuits are basic and useful uncommonly for the understudies who are amateurs in the field of gadgets. |Read More|

2. Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit 

Mosquito-Repellent-CircuitPeople use curls, mats,creams, fluid as Mosquito anti-agents at different spots. Anyway these anti-agents nearly become the reason for risky ailments like skin malignancy, breathing issues and so forth. That is way Electronic Mosquito repellent is ideal to ensure your homes rather than other anti-agents. We have made this circuit with 555 clock ic to creates the ultra sonic sound for Mosquito Repellent. |Read More|

3. water level marker 

Water Tank Level IndicatorThis circuit is about water level marker by utilizing transistors you can likewise make this circuit by utilizing exchanging ic 2003. Water level analyzer is significant circuit to spare the water wastage. you can likewise interface transfer with this circuit to control the degree of water in water tank. |Read More|

4. Programmed Fire Alarm Circuit 

Alarm CircuitFair Alaram circuit is a circuit that distinguishes the fire and actuates the Siren caution associated with the circuit. Alarm Circuits are significant gadgets to shield the individuals or property from harm. In this article we have fabricated this circuit just with single transistor and thermistor (heat sensor).

5. Flip Flop with clock IC 555 

flop with clock ic 555This circuit is about Flip Flop with clock ic 555. We have utilized 8 LEDs of 2 sets that gleams after each other. Clock ic most generally utilized ic the field of gadgets circuits. |Read More|

6. Non Contact voltages analyzer 

Non-Contact-Voltage-Tester-Circuit-DiagramNone voltages analyzer is a gadget that distinguishes AC voltages without contacting the wire or some other objects of AC. In this cutting edge each one utilize practically all AC machines. At the point when we check any article we should confirm either current is available in it or not. |Read More|

7. Single Transistor Amplifier Circuit 

single transistor amplifierIn this venture we have structured a basic Single transistor intensifier. We can utilize any NPN type transistor in this undertaking. Its extremely low force single transistor speaker yet dependable for low boosting. The transistor takes input structure any source any lift the and give yield. |Read More|

8. Flip Flop utilizing Transistors 

Driven squinting utilizing TransistorsIn this venture we are going to make a drove signal circuit utilizing transistors. This circuit is for the most part utilized in nearly gadgets ventures like timer,blinker and so on. Presently a days clock ic 555 is utilizing rather than transistors since ic chip(555 clock ic) is anything but difficult to use because of implanted circuit same like transistors working.

9. 4v to 220v Ac inverter 

4v to 220v AC inverter 

In this straightforward and fascinating task we have made a basic inverter circuit. In this circuit we have utilized transformer from cell phone charger and transistor from old CFL (saver circuit) and additional we have utilized 10 ohm resistor which is associated with base. As a matter of fact its an oscillator circuit and same like jam frugality working. /Read More/

10. Downpour Alarm Circuit utilizing Transistors 

Downpour Alarm Circuit

In this straightforward circuit we have construct a basic gadgets venture which identify water of downpour and ring a caution to alarm us. This is caution is very utilize full for auto cut off flow in the stormy season to secure the life of people. This is essential circuit which is utilized in water level marker and auto shut down the water siphon.

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