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In this venture we are going to structured single transistor FM transmitter circuit that works successfully in 1-2 km go. In this circuit we have utilized electret condenser mouthpiece as info source that increase signal in simple structure. You can undoubtedly make this transmitter on PCB or without PCB in light of the fact that it comprises on not many segments. The curls and the reception apparatus can be structured as a piece of the PCB as radio wire in the event that you make it on PCB. On the off chance that you need to build the scope of the transmitter, at that point you should introduce the long high reception apparatus with any wire. To comprehend the working of this transmitter we isolate it into three principle organize s as follows

single transistor fm transmitter

Info organize

Regulation Stage

Yield Stage

1. Information Stage territory of FM Transmitter

Information arrange comprises of capacitors C1 and C3, and resistor R1 and microphone.Input signals into the FM transmitter must not contain a DC segment as it would unfavorable influence the balance organize and thusly no FM sign would be produced along these lines C3 capacitor is utilized to control the DC adverse.Resistor R1 (resistor) gives modest quantity of current to the base of transistor so along these lines transistor stay on and first stage total along these lines.

2.Modulation Stage 

The oscillator/regulation stage comprises of C2(variable capacitor for altering recurrence), C4,L1, and R2 with the recurrence of wavering being controlled by C2 and L1 only.The balance arrange gives transporter signal that is adjusted by the information signals remember that information signals picked up by the microfone or any info source.When we offer capacity to circuit a surge of current courses through the L1 (inductor). This present go through the capacitor C4 and because of this present move through R2. R2 is associated with the producer of transistor so a similar voltage present on the producer. As voltage increment on the producer it lessens In VBe decreases the state of transistor.When power is applied to the circuit, a surge of current moves through the inductor.

This surge of current will likewise go through C4 by means of capacitive coupling which will bring about current coursing through R2. Current coursing through R2 will bring about a voltage drop crosswise over R2 and since R2 is associated with the producer of Q1, a similar voltage will be available on the producer of Q1. As C4 charges the limited quantity of current move through C4 diminishes and thusly less current go through R2 because of this size of VBe increment and conduction increases.Due to increment in conduction c4 releasing and entire cycle begin to rehash.

3. Yield/Emitting Stage 

The signs that are produced by balance organize are discharging through long wire (antenna).How to Receive Fm transmitter siglas The Fm Transmitter signs can be gotten through FM collector, for example, basic FM radio and in the present age generally cell phone has likewise the component of FM recipient. The single transistor FM transmitter recurrence can be looked through FM recipient between 88MH. This recurrence can be changed with the variable capacitor or extends the rings of inductor loop L1. Fm transmitter recurrence ought to be balanced on void region of looking through else it will upset the recurrence of close to tuned radio which isn't permitted by law.

single transistor fm transmitter 

Its extremely Small FM transmitter you can make it with hardly any parts

Parts Required

Small scale telephone

Transistor 2n2222/2655c

Inductor loop 5 turns with 16 no copper wire

pf 102(100nf)

pf 47

100 ohm resistor

4.7k resistor

3 to 6v battery

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