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Pole mounted load break switch

Shaft mounted burden break switch 

Shaft mounted Load break switch - Normal application by a Manual activity mechanis…

Post mounted burden break switch

Shaft mounted burden break switch Pole mounted burden break switch

Definite portrayal

DescriptionTechnical information of shaft mounted burden break switch15kV IEC/ANSI27kV IEC/ANSI38kV IEC/ANSIMobile APP programming GPRS/GSM/WIFI/BLUETOOTH

Shaft mounted Load break switch

- Normal application by a Manual activity system

- With Motorized can be moved up to Sectionalizer

- Pole mounted SF6 Gas protected burden break switch (Pole mounted switch disconnector) type RPS-12/27/38-20 is reasonable for the appraised voltage up to 40.5kV,rated current 400A-630A, 50/60Hz force framework.

- RPS type polemount LBS is SF6 breaking on load break switch, ie. on load switch disconnector.

Appraised voltage: up to 40.5 kV

Appraised current: 400 to 630 A

Coldhearted toward nature.



Manual or remote control


Gas pressure guage

Low weight lockout

SCADA capacities

and so forth...

DOWNLOAD: RPS SF6 Manual Load Break Switch

Mechanized activity type gas LBS Sectionalizer

● Summary

ROCKWILL® Electric endeavors to bring our clients the most recent innovation and focused estimating and best assistance for conveyance programmed.

RPS is a SF6-protected, open air shaft mounted burden break switch family for overhead lines and explicitly intended for use in present day remote controlled conveyance robotization frameworks. The RPS offers dependable upkeep free activity even in the most requesting climatic conditions including salt loaded environments, destructive modern contamination, day off ice. It has astounding burden breaking and deficiency making limit and fulfills the disengagement prerequisites determined for load break switch. The earthed metal tank forestalls all conceivable spillage flows over an open switch. RPS can be physically worked or engine worked for nearby and remote electric control, overhauled.

● Service condition

1.Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +85℃; Minimum temperature:- 45℃

Stickiness: Monthly normal mugginess 95%; Daily normal moistness 90% .

Height above ocean level: Maximum establishment elevation: 2500m or increasingly higher.

Surrounding air not evidently dirtied by destructive and combustible gas, fume and so on. No regular savage shake


With discretionary classes for evaluated current range:

- Type RPS 15, Rating6-20 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

- Type RPS 27, Rating22-27 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

- Type RPS 38, Rating30-40.5 kV with 400A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

With discretionary classes for various lattice application establishment:

Segment work (Section)

50 Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(P.OC)

51 Phase Time-Overcurrent(P.Fast bend/P.Delay bend)

Over-burden (N.Fast bend/N.Delay bend)

50N Residual Ground Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(G.OC)

51N Residual Ground Time-Overcurrent (G.Fast bend/G.Delay bend)

50SEF Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF)

51c Cold Load(Cold load)

TRSOTF Switch-Onto-Fault(SOTF)

59 Over Voltage(L.Over volt)

27 Under Voltage (L.Under volt)

Observing Functions:

Essential/Secondary Phases and Earth Currents


Essential/Secondary Line and Phase Voltages

Clear Power and Power Factor

Genuine and Reactive Power

Verifiable Demand Record

Positive Phase Sequence Voltage and Current

Negative Phase Sequence Voltage and Current

Zero Phase Sequence Voltage


Parallel Input/Output status

Excursion circuit solid/disappointment

Time and date

Deficiency records

Occasion records

●Time-Overcurrent Curves

The accompanying data portrays the bend timing for the bend and time dial settings made for the time-overcurrent

components The time-overcurrent hand-off bends in fit in with IEEE C37.112-1996 IEEE Standard Inverse-Time

Trademark Equations for Overcurrent Relays.

IEC Curves:

C1 (Standard Inverse)

C2 (Very Inverse)

C3 (Extremely Inverse)

C4 (Long-Time Inverse)

C5 (Short-Time Inverse)

U.S. Bends:

U1 (Moderately Inverse)

U2 (Inverse)

U3 (Very Inverse)

U4 (Extremely Inverse)

U5 (Short-Time Inverse)

● PC programming for controller Testing, Setting, programing, Update.

Human kinship interface Programmable Time-Overcurrent bend

● RPS include

The excellent 3 mm tempered steel are utilized for tank, which is intended for its greatest heartiness and least welding line to limit erosion, and explicitly to ensure the wellbeing of the activity staff even with the inside curve shortcomings at the most extreme deficiency limit of the tank the RPS can withstands an inner issue without venting hot gases.

The autonomous spring activity component embrace ROCKWILL® patent winding spring, gives an ensured burden break deficiency make ability by guaranteeing the opening and shutting rate of the switch.

The RPS is given light reflecting position pointer which are straightforwardly associated with the switch working shaft giving clear and unambiguous switch position sign. Marker made of light reflecting material, which is effectively noticeable from ground level even around evening time in driving precipitation.

● Main new points of interest of RPS

ROCKWILL® Supply extraordinary plan manual shutting gadget innovation with claim patent, It applied for typical and unusual circumstance shutting. It's end speed(time) agree to IEC62271-100.

This capacity can counterbalance from attractive actuator flaw which when actuator can't work will cause the significant mishap.

Consumption safe, Composite bushingManual lock-out instrument (counting snare stick) Reliable lodging groundO/C pointer (made of light reflecting material), Operation counter, Gas thickness check which are effectively unmistakable from ground level.

Progressed and Integrated helium spillage identifying and filling gear, which guaranteeing SF6 spillage of each switch is under 0.1% carefully every year.

Engine drive, which effectively retrofitted nearby to physically worked units.

● Creepage Distances of RPS

Terminal to ground creepage

15kV BIL 95/110kV

27kV BIL125/150kV

38kV BIL 170/200kV

Composite bushing




Porcelain bushing


708mm 1250mm

●Current transformer and Voltage sensor

Part Number










Current transformer

/ 3 / 3 / 3

Voltage sensor

/ 3/6 / 3/6 / 3/6

Note: Current transformers and voltage sensors can be altered by necessities.

●Standards for reference

IEC 62271-1 IEC 62271-102 IEC 62271-103

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Section 103: switches for evaluated voltage over 1 kV up to and including 52 kV

Front: Color clear O/C marker Rear:Highly solid blast evidence valve,Inflatable/collapse incorporated gadget

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