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instructions to make voltage controller transistor

The most effective method to make voltage controller utilizing transistor: Product - Tda1543 ,Today we will discover that how to make DC controller? it's a straightforward task. We need just a NPN transistor. here we use TTC 5200 transistor. also, we need one 100k variable. we can control 6 voltage to 50 voltage. it can supply 2/3 ampers. regularly we make DC fan for utilizing battery yet we can't control the engine. since in the market can't discover the dc controller. for this reason I make for my self. what's more, I am attempting to instruct you to make this dc voltage controller for your dc fan ( vehicle fan). we additionally can control our dc light as per our needs. and furthermore we can utilize this controller for battery charging. for charging, we should need to utilize voltage meter for realizing the voltage as indicated by our battery. here in this outline we additionally can utilize any NPN transistor. how about we perceive how to make voltage controller utilizing transistor.

The most effective method to make voltage controller utilizing transistor

step by step instructions to make voltage controller utilizing a transistor

here in this graph, we can perceive how to make the chart? How about we go to watch a video for making this undertaking. step by step instructions to make voltage controller utilizing the transistor.


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