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In this article we will disclose how to interface drove lights to 220 air conditioning. In today life it become all the more fascinating and increasingly significant in light of the fact that individuals needs short technique and shortcircuits. So defeat to address the difficulty of current age we demonstrate a straightforward strategy to splendid drove light to 220 volts AC. Driven light appeared in the accompanying figure is so easy to make .

Circuit Diagram

In this circuit graph we have utilized one diode a 56k/1w resistor and a LED.

Energized venture pic5mm drove with 220v

Parts requires

1. A LED – 5mm or 10 mm of any shading any sort

2. A diode, ideally 1N 4007

3. A resistor of 1watts or higher rating 47k.

4. A two pin male fitting

Note:Lower resistor esteems will give more brilliance and higher qualities will drag out LED life.

Lower wattage of resistor like 1/4,1/2 watt or lower won't do and may consume since they are intended for 6v DC circuits, not for 220v AC Mains.

Step by step instructions to Assemble

1. Associate dark anode of diode to negative of the drove 0r as you need.

2. associate the resistor to the positive of the LED or as you need yet circuits ought to as indicated by rules.

3. Associate the free parts of the bargains and resistor to the male appeared in the pic.

Done. See the appended pic for clearness.

Another circuit with the diode associated "over" the LED is additionally connected. A bulb base connector is utilized rather than a male pin.

It should deal with 110v AC/220v AC Mains.

DC Feature:

It will likewise deal with any battery!!

By and by check all segments are associated proply.

In the wake of fastening resistor and diode with drove presently pack it in the two pic plug that way

To build the proficiency of this circuit interface a 10uf capacitor

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