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This Police Style Strobe Light Circuit utilizing 555 clock ICs shows the natural lights utilized on squad cars. To accomplish this Police Style Strobe Light impact, two gatherings of LEDs are utilized. Each gathering has four LEDs and they turn on and off on the other hand with like Police Style Strobe light. At whatever point a gathering of LEDs actuated, its LEDs turn on and off multiple times with explicit time interim. LEDs are red for one gathering and blue for the other gathering.

This Police Style Strobe Light circuit utilizes swindler 555 ICs. At the point when circuit is turned on first IC genrates heartbeats and afterward clock to second IC. At the point when second IC is dynamic it creates additionally 3 heartbeats and afterward clock to first IC. You can change the speed of the clock, changing the resistor and capacitor esteems associated with the clock ic 555. We have picked the estimations of the segments as best working.

Since its straightforward circuit and simple to make. So you cannot change the current in light of the fact that as you will change the present amount st-robing will likewise change. We suggested 9 volts current for this circuit in any case you can give 12 volts current.

Police Style Strobe Light Circuit

Police Style Strobe Light Circuit

In the above circuit we have utilized two gatherings of LEDs and Each gathering of LEDs have two LEDs. So along these lines you can increment and decline the no of LEDs as you need to interface.


Police Style Strobe Light Circuit is working utilizing 555 ICs and these ICs can work a constrained amp and current. So to include in excess of 8 LEDs you should utilize transistor to control the force other insightful your ICs may harmed.

Parts for the circuit

2 Piece of clock ic555

2 bit of 1m(1000k) resistor

1 bit of capacitor 2.2uf ( change capacitor to change the speed)

1 bit of pf capacitor 104

2 LEDs RED shading

2 LEDs blue shading

Circuit Diagram for IC 555 and 4017 IC


Police Style Strobe Light Circuit 

Parts List 

1x – NE555 Bipolar Timer 

1x – 4017 Decoded Decade 

6x – 1N4148 Diode 

1x – 1K Resistor (1/4W) 

1x – 22K Resistor (1/4W) 

2x – 4.7K Resistor (1/4W) 

6x – 470 Resistor (1/4W) 

1x – 2.2 F Electrolytic Capacitor (16V) 

2x – LED (Blue) 

2x – LED (Red) 

2x – BC547 NPN Transistor 

1x – 9V Voltage Battery

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