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Doorbell is a typical and valuable electronic gadget utilized in houses,offices and so forth. Among gadgets understudies and specialists, doorbell circuit venture is famous. So in this instructional exercise I am going to fabricate a doorbell with 555 (clock) IC. The primary component of this doorbell is that we can control the time span for which it continues ringing after squeezing the switch those transistors are fixed and inclusion guarantee are made by move air conditioning fix warming San Diego . Additionally we can control the swaying recurrence of Door Bell With change in resistor and capacitor.

Circuit Diagram of Door Bell 

Parts required for this venture 

1. IC 555 Timer IC 

2. Resistor 1k and 10k use 10k preset to increment and lessening the recurrence 

3. Capacitor 1uf use 104pf to expand the recurrence 

4. pizzo 8 ohm speaker can be utilized 

5. Battery 3 to 9v any kind of battery can be utilized 

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