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We are demonstrating, how to structure a straightforward Battery Level Indicator Circuit utilizing LM3914. Battery level pointer shows the status of the battery by gleaming LEDs. In this circuit we have 9 LEDs which show the degree of battery.USE IC  LM3914 Battery level marker circuit increment the lifetime of battery since this circuit shows your battery is full or cheated or void.

Battery Level Indicator utilizing LM3914 

This basic and simple task discloses to you how structure battery level pointer utilizing LM3914 with barely any different segments.

Chapter by chapter guide

Circuit Components

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Principle

Battery Charge Indicator Circuit Design

LM3914 Features

How to Operate Battery Level Indicator Circuit?

Battery Charge Level Indicator Circuit Applications

Constraints of the Circuit

Use for different voltages batteries

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Circuit Components


10 LED'sUSE IC  LM3914 (Red – 3, Yellow – 4, Green – 3)

Spot Switch

Resistors – 18K, 4.7K, 56K

Potentiometer – 10K

12V Battery (for testing)

2 point connectors

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram

Battery Level Indicator

Battery Charge Indicator Circuit Design 

In this circuit D1 to D10 LEDs shows the limit of the battery spot bar show can likewise be utilized for sign rather than LEDs. Outer switch sw1 is utilized to choose the mode, sw1 is associated with ninth pin of LM39-14-IC. The sixth and seventh pins are associated with the ground through a (R1) resistor. This resistor controls the brilliance of LED's. Resistor R3 and RV1 are structures potential divider circuit. Here RV1 is utilized for alignment.USE IC  LM3914 There is no need of outer force supply to work this circuit.

Circuit is intended to screen current 10V to 15V DC. The working voltage of this IC-LM3914 is 3v to 25v DC, so this circuit will work even on 3v. The IC-LM3914 contains flexible reference and exact 10-steps divider. This IC-LM3914 can likewise go about as sequencer.

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Principle 

LM3914 is the core of this battery level marker circuit. Lm3914 takes input simple voltage and drives 10 LED's. There is no need of resistors in arrangement with LEDs for assurance in light of the fact that the current is managed by the IC.

battery level pointer

LM3914 Features

Inward voltage reference from 1.2v to 12v DC.

Yields current directed for LEDs.

Programmable current yield 2mA to 30mA.

No communication between yields.

It underpins temperature from 0 to 70 degree Celsius.

Interface ninth pin of IC to the stockpile for visual diagram show.

Leave the ninth pin of IC for spot show.

How to Operate Battery Level Indicator Circuit?

Interface battery wires to the contribution of the circuit.

Presently change the pot with the goal that LED D1 just beginnings gleaming.

Increment the information voltage gradually and watch the LED's

First drove will sparkle for 1.2V and second LED is for 1.4 V, etc.

Impediments of the Circuit

This battery level marker circuit works just for little voltages.

The circuit is hypothetical and may require a few changes to work in down to earth.

We can roll out little improvement by change in resistors

This circuit can be utilized for other voltage battery

We can utilize this circuit to gauge other voltage extends likewise with little changes. We have evacuated the resistor R2 and associate upper voltage level to the info. Presently fluctuate the opposition of Pot RV1 till the D10 LED gleams. Evacuate upper voltage level at the information and interface lower voltage level. Interface a high worth (pot) variable resistor in the spot of resistor 18k and move it till the D1 LED gleams. Presently separate the pot and measure the obstruction across it and associate resistor of same incentive instead ofUSE IC  LM3914 R2. Presently the circuit is prepared to screen other voltage ranges as per you're wanted.

This circuit generally appropriate for 12v battery estimation since LEDs gleams on each 10%.

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