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Battery Ignition System : Parts, Function, Working, Advantages and Disadvantageas

Today we will talk about battery start framework principle parts, work, working, points of interest and Disadvantages. The majority of SI motor utilized battery start framework. In this framework a 6 volt or 12 volt battery used to deliver sparkle. Traveler autos, light truck, bikes and huge stationary motors are fitted with this framework.

Battery start framework:

Battery Ignition System : Parts, Function, Working, Advantages and Disadvantageas

Primary Parts of battery start framework:


A battery is utilized to give vitality to start. It is function as capacity of vitality and charged by dynamo, which is driven by motor. It changes over substance vitality to electric vitality. Two sorts of battery utilized in flash start framework, lead corrosive battery and soluble battery. The first is utilized in light obligation business vehicle and the other one is utilized in rock solid business vehicle. It is housed in essential side of start loop.

Start switch

It is utilized to kill on and the start framework. Battery is associated with the essential twisting of start curl by start switch and counterbalance resistor.

Counterweight resistor

It is associated in arrangement with essential twisting to control current in essential winding. It is utilized to forestall damage because of overheating of start curl. It controls the present goes through essential winding. It is made by iron. Iron has property of increment electrical obstruction quickly by increment in temperature at certain breaking point. This extra obstruction opposes streaming current which control the temperature of start loop.

Start curl

Start curl is the primary assemblage of… Continue Reading

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