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AllMotion: Stepper Motor Controller EZCTRL17-ST

The EZController was intended to permit the fast execution of multi hub servo and stepper control, just as perform I/O and Temperature control capacities.

Estimating just 1.6" x 1.6", the completely astute controllers enable mechanization to be accomplished easily. A solitary 4 wire transport, containing 2 force wires and two correspondences wires, connects up to 16 such controllers in a daisy chain (see wiring outline). Directions can be given from any sequential terminal program, (for example, HyperTerminal) or from the EZStepper Windows application.

The Commands are natural and straightforward. For instance, the direction A10000 will move the stepper engine to Absolute position 10000. (This interchanges convention is good with gadgets that utilization the Cavro DT or OEM convention.)

The EZ Controller is likewise fit for remain solitary activity with no association with a PC. It tends to be set to execute a preset series of directions upon power up (i.e., just force is required in this mode). The Commands incorporate settled circles and execution end pending a switch conclusion, which is helpful in remain solitary applications.

The EZCTRL17-ST Motor Controller will work with any force arrange utilizes STEP and DIRECTION or +/ - 10V information sources. In I/O Mode or Temperature control mode, straightforward directions enable simple programming of the Controller to accomplish the ideal capacity. Our Starter Kits supply all links and frill expected to encourage wiring.


Single 4 wire transport connecting up to 16 Controllers

4Axis Step and Direction Controller

2Axis +/ - 10V Servo Controller

4 Channel Temperature Controller + Driver

12 Input , 8 Output I/O Controller

Works from 9V to 30V

RS232, RS485 or USB based Communications

Independent activity with no association with a PC

Execution Halt pending switch conclusion

Pre-wired for OptoSwitch inputs (see wiring outline)

Double Encoder Readback, (Optional Encoder Feedback)

Industry standard correspondences convention

Homes to an Opto or Switch conclusion with a solitary order

Completely programmable inclines and speeds

Switch selectable gadget address

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