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Air Room Water Cooler Wiring Diagram

This post is about the air room cooler wiring graph. In the chart I indicated the total Air water cooler wiring graph. In the outline you will see a fan engine two speed (low and high). A water siphon engine association and swing engine.

Air Room Cooler Wiring Diagram

In the beneath wiring outline you will see the total wiring. The primary stockpile appeared with red, dark and green hues. The red shading for Line wire, dark shading for Neutral wire and green for Earth wire.

Noticeable all around water cooler wiring outline all engine association appeared with capacitor. The two way switches are use for shading the each of the three engines. The fan engine have two speed, low and high which is controlled from first switch.

The subsequent switch control the swing engine. The third switch controlled the water siphon engine.

Room cooler wiring graph

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