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4V TO 220V AC Converter

In scaled down electronic ventures, change of DC Current to AC Current is fascinating and normal issue. In for the most part circuits, we see that practically all plan of circuit takes the AC information and gives DC yield. Yet, as we need to change the circuit from DC to AC then a DC to AC converter circuit is utilized. The converter/inverter is required for this reason. Along these lines, to change over the DC to AC converter circuit is utilized.

In this smaller than normal hardware venture I am going to make a straightforward however extremely fascinating circuit. This circuit is 4 volts DC to 220 volts AC. I have utilized straightforward and scratched parts to construct this circuit. These segments are establishes in versatile charger and furthermore in CFL circuit.

Circuit Diagram 

Required Componts

Transformer from old versatile charger circuit

10 to 110 ohm resistor

13005 or proportionate Transistor

4.5uf capacitor from old CFL circuit

4v Battery

Need Some Wire

MJE 13005 Transistor
Transformer  From cell phone charger

In this circuit we can utilize cell phone charger transformer. Remember all cell phone charger circuit have diverse structure of transformer. So you should check the transformer structure before utilizing it in this smaller than expected 4 to 220v inverter.

Versatile charger transformer

Estimation of This kind of this transformer

you can quantify this transformer by utilizing multi meter. We should need to utilize greatest ohm loop of transformer for yield.

On the off chance that Does not Work through These association, at that point simply roll out little improvement. Resistor association supplant with guide no 6 toward point no 5. Jumper of + change from direct no 5 toward 6. Circuit chart is given beneath.

Exchange Circuit Diagram

4v to 220v AC inverter 

Note: Because its is created transformer for versatile charger so its is exceptionally low force transformer. You can make your very own transformer for all the more better aftereffect of this inverter. since its short with barely any segments power inverter that is transistor may warm. So use heat sink with transistor.

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