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Visa Debit Card

JazzCash brings Personalized Visa Debit Card for its Mobile Account clients. Presently, Mobile Account clients don't have to convey money for making installments at retail outlets as clients can make secure and advantageous installment exchanges through their check card.. 


No month to month or yearly expense

Helpful card requesting process through online entry

Acknowledged at more than 50,000 Retail and Online Visa Merchants

Money withdrawal at more than 12,000 ATMs crosswise over Pakistan

Free SMS cautions on each exchange

Day by day withdrawal and shopping limit is Rs. 50,000 (No charges on shopping)

Clients can likewise appreciate selective limits on making installment by means of their Visa Debit Card at accomplice brands!

10% Cashback on Fuel and Groceries with JazzCash Visa 

Debit Card ?

Save money on fuel and staple installments this month with JazzCash Visa Debit Card. Utilize your card to pay at fuel stations and supermarkets across the country, and get 10% cashback in your JazzCash Mobile Account.

T&C's apply! 

To Withdraw Cash at any ATM: Create your ATM Card PIN by dialing *786*6*4# (for Jazz/Warid supporters) or by utilizing JazzCash Mobile App (for all endorsers)

To Swipe Your Card at Retail Merchants: Activate your Visa Debit Card for shopping at Retail by calling helpline or simply perform one money withdrawal/balance request from any ATM for programmed initiation

To Complete Payment at Online Merchants: You can initiate your Visa Debit Card for an Online shopping session by calling helpline

Note: JazzCash Visa Debit Card can't be utilized at International Merchants.

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