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Traffic Lights controller are utilized to control the vehicular traffic out and about. In the cutting edge age, nearly everybody has various sorts of vehicles that become the reason for traffic issues. That is the reason traffic lights signals are necessary to stay away from the automobile overloads on the streets. There are three sign lights in the rush hour gridlock signal, depicting the distinctive message for the drivers. Red light sign advises the driver to stop and hold up till the green light. Green light offers authorization to drivers that they are allowed to drive.
TRAFFIC    LIGHTS The yellow light alarms the driver to pause on the off chance that the following light is red, at that point they should stop and if the following light is green they ought to go.

Traffic lights has been demonstrated to be an astounding and significant source to stop the vehicular impacts now a days. Traffic light controller circuit are become well known and significant now a days to control the traffic sign.Traffic Light Controller circuit for the most part work with IC 4017 and 555 Timer.


In this venture we are going to make an exceptionally straightforwardTRAFFIC    LIGHTS traffic light controller circuit even an early age electronic understudy can make it effectively. we have utilized three transistors with fundamental manures to finish the task of traffic sign.

Parts Needed 

Transistor BC547 or equal

100k resistors

33k resistors

470uf capacitors

100uf capacitors

Green,RED and yellow LEDs

9v battery

These parts can be utilized for these Both ventures

Circuit Diagram of 3 LEDs chaser with transistors

traffic light controller This circuit will flashes 3 LEDs with Turn to Turn with same speed of time interim. latar on we will changed this circuit for traffic lights signals.

you can change time interim with change in capacitors. More power capacitor decline speed of pursuing and less power capacitor speeds up. You can likewise interface variable resistor on the spot of 100 k resistor to change the time interim as need.

The given enlivened GIF record shows the sign light are shining with same time interim however we need to change the time interim of these lights.

traffic lights controller

Circuit Diagram for Traffic Lights Signals controller 

As we have just referenced that the time interim of these LEDs can be change as you need. This circuit chart shows how might you change this circuit as a traffic lights signals. we can change the time interim among these three LEDs by utilizing two techniques.

Change in Resistor 

with change in capacitor 

You can change the time interim among these threeTRAFFIC    LIGHTS LED's on the off chance that you change the estimation of resistor. Increment in resistor worth will build the time interim of comparing Light and with the abatement in the resistor worth will diminish the interim.

Note: Time interim can be balanced by yous want on the off chance that you use potentiometer (variable obstruction) rather than fixed resistors. So along these lines you can manufacture an extremely effective Traffic lights signals controller simple.

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