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OneCoin Surprize Russia, Italy and Ukraine

A huge provincial occasion and DealShaker EXPO

occurred in the Russian city of Novosibirsk! 

In the initial two days there was a provincial occasion and afterward the DealShaker EXPO. All things considered, we had an extra third day which included preparing by OneLife world pioneers for the Russian chiefs.

The 3-day program was exceptionally occupied and, lamentably, this discussion would not allow a top to bottom clarification. Be that as it may, fortunately, we can impart the features of this occasion to you.

A sum of 295 individuals went to the occasion, of which 121 were shippers with an assortment of merchandise and ventures on special for Ones.

On the main day, a meeting was held at which sub-franchisees of the districts (9), significant vendors, world pioneers of the organization (Dr. Putra, Nikolai Khan and King Jayms), just as the coordinators of the occasion took an interest.

A huge diversion program was sorted out, which occurred all through the gathering. A stunner challenge was held at the GALA supper, in which the girls of our accomplices partook.

The abilities of each were assessed by a jury dependent on the consequences of three rivalries. The honor occurred in three classifications: Miss OneLife, Miss Dealshaker and Miss OneSib. Every one of the victors got a mink coat as a blessing.

On the subsequent day, the Expo Dealshaker presentation was held, which was gone to by 121 shippers. 338 arrangements were displayed, of which 163 were exchanged for 100% ONE and 81 were exchanged for half ONE, and the rest of the exchanges were worth more than 51 to 99% ONE.

Vendors offered available to be purchased: garments and shoes, nourishment, wellbeing items, gems (counting gold) and aromas, gifts and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In the first place, shippers were allowed the chance to buy products from one another, and afterward to all accomplices.

Every one of the accomplices and vendors partaking in the EXPO had the option to buy presents for family members and companions by the new year.

On the third day, there was an initiative preparing by Dr. Putra and Nikolai Khan on working with OneLife, DealShaker and on leading provincial occasions. Every one of the present chiefs got a ton of down to earth information and instances of building able work.

Every one of the visitors got numerous impressions, information and acquired merchandise and enterprises for Ones! The arranging group thanks every one of the members for supporting the ONESIB occasion and coming to Siberia with their groups!

See you at new occasions!

Best respects,

The DealShaker Russia Team


An incredible Mastermind with in excess of 700 individuals originating from more than 30 nations finished with extraordinary achievement. It was composed by the Blue Diamond Luca Miatton with the Verona group close by the Italian DealShaker establishment holder Marco Vassanelli.

With incredible endeavors, individuals have been taken from inns to the scene and back to visit Verona by transports and minivans.

In excess of 130 vendors sold items and administrations with more than 6,000 members utilizing their Ones. Most of traders were sold-out by the early evening!

Congrats and extraordinary gratitude to the individuals who have worked for this incredible achievement and for the model depicted to the OneLife people group.


DealShaker EXPO occurred in Kiev, Ukraine. Numerous visitors originated from numerous districts of the country and even everywhere throughout the world, including nations, for example, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan.

There were 350 visitors and 45 dealers. 

Among the products were: garments, nectar, exercise center administrations and hardware, tailor administrations, inns and travel vouchers, games for kids, autos, condos, electric gadgets, wine, therapeutic analytic gear, cakes, and back rub administration.

a Mastermind was held and pioneers and dynamic accomplices were sharing their encounters as traders on the DealShaker.

Everybody was energized and inspired to construct DealShaker considerably more by getting more shippers and making Ones increasingly usable on the stage.

** New Ukrainian law says "Virtual Resources" can be used for portions.

The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's get together, has embraced modifications that present legitimate terms and definitions identifying with the crypto space.

The new establishment, which intends to transpose the FATF standards into national law, moreover perceives who is to accept obligation for the oversight of cryptographic types of cash in the country.

- Utilizing crypto for portions and theories. 

The draft law on the neutralizing activity of the endorsing of proceeds from bad behavior and the financing of mental abuse and weapons of mass destruction increase was supported by a critical lion's offer in the Rada.

The bill was reconsidered to solidify "virtual assets" which have been depicted as property and as an electronic explanation of huge worth that can be traded or moved and used for portion or adventure purposes.

Ukraine's foe of unlawful duty shirking (AML) authorization shows the standards for virtual assets grasped for the present year by the Monetary Activity Team (FATF).

The people from the between administrative relationship starting late assented to screen and assess the utilization of the crypto requirements in different countries.

The law also exhibits the articulation "provider of organizations related to the trade, exchange, and limit of virtual assets," the crypto information outlet Forklog reveals in an article.

A charming focal point is that corporate substances, just as private individuals as well, will be allowed to offer such organizations under the new rules.

All crypto exercises will be needy upon different degrees of cash related checking to depend upon the whole and objective of each trade.

The Service of Advanced Change, which has been extremely unique this year, will be endowed to deal with the course of virtual assets in Ukraine. It will in like manner direct oversight to check consistency with AML rules in the crypto circle.

- Kiev to manufacture oversight as a part of EU duties. 

The progressions overseeing cryptographic types of cash have been set up by officials from the multi-factional parliamentary social affair 'Blockchain4Ukraine' with the help of the EU-financed ace and sensible concentrate Better Guideline Conveyance Office (BRDO) and people from the business.

They were settled on second scrutinizing this past Friday after the chief examining happened on Nov 1. The gathering of the law is a bit of Ukraine's obligations under its connection simultaneousness with the EU, Ukrinform noted in a report and will open the way for a tranche of €500 million in budgetary assistance.

Laws in Ukraine are regularly given three consecutive readings. During the principal, deputies in the Rada recognize the draft on a key level. By then, they have two weeks to propose changes before the consequent scrutinizing occurs.

The law is finally insisted on a third scrutinizing. In any case, bills are routinely grasped during the ensuing examining and to a great extent a lot after the first.

The status of the FATF-breathed life into bill on the Rada's site is by and by "grasped" and "being set ready for checking." New laws in Ukraine are set apart by the president.

During the prop up choosing Dec 6, a strong predominant piece of in excess of 240 operators reinforced the law that also combines game plans from EU's Fourth and Fifth Enemy of Illegal duty shirking Mandates.

One of the updates introduced during the exchanges in the Ukrainian parliament decreases the from the start proposed disciplines for breaks of the AML establishment.

Another obliges Ukraine's budgetary controllers to alter their substatutory exhibitions with the new order inside a fourth of a time of its going into control.

The back and forth movement association in Kiev, which took control after the arrangement of Volodymyr Zelensky as president and the general political race this pre-summer in which his Worker of the Individuals party won an a lot of seats has been exceptionally positive towards the country's crypto organize.

A store developed starting late by the Ukrainian government will pass on $18 million in grants among new organizations from creative divisions of the economy including the blockchain business.

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