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It’s game over or Will we to rise like a phoenix

It's down finished or Will we to rise like a phoenix?

Peruse cautiously please . . .

Somebody expressed "It's down finished" or "Will we to rise like a phoenix?"

My focuses:

⁃ After Sofia's administration meeting on 18/12 I am extremely certain that we will be significantly more grounded, expertly run both the system and the organization with the much-expected enhancements as well!

⁃ We have seen the vast majority of our introductions' chronicles distributed and nothing stowing away aside from not many sessions of systems - what would you be able to see from those?

⁃ The workplace being restored and revamped by our future needs with staff being selected as well - see the image of one of the floors underneath

⁃ The IT frameworks and the sites being overhauled subsequent to fixing the bugs which were planted by those leaving for their very own egotistical additions

⁃ It is certain that Habib, Veselina, Mark and Sina are never again part of OLN or OneCoin - they are openly "sacked" and just presently Mark felt that he should turn out with his remarks?

The Official Newsletter affirmed their takeoff - along these lines, if it's not too much trouble quit utilizing any of the gatherings with OLN or our current IMAs disclosing to them you all are sparing the Family

⁃ Duncan Episode 1 attempted similar strategies and still no place to be "Genuine" aside from taking the expenses for themselves

 All the individuals who left and made their own - where are they now?

⁃ This Habib and Veselina are another "Duncan Episode 2" and Mark and Sina are the selection representatives for their egotistical fiscal reasons

⁃ There are other people who are keeping up that they are still with OLN and attempting to get the 'better of the two universes' and they are unmistakably noticeable to us! Simply realize what face or the worth would you have when caught in the act?

⁃ In any organizations, we should have legitimate arranging set up to become fruitful like present moment (0-3 months), medium-term (3-6 months) and long haul (6 a year)

⁃ Now, we are doing everything like the experts do to maintain a business and it is all clear as of now - simply search for it

⁃ Many energizing time is certainly ahead and you simply need to confide in us on the grounds that as above, it is unquestionably NOT "it's down finished"

⁃ Or for sure "It ain't over till (or until) the fat woman sings"

Presently, returning to clarifying the two statements before all else;

⁃ Its game over" the expression is at times used to demonstrate the finish of a procedure, in actuality. "Game over" is additionally here and there utilized as an expression to surrender rout, as in the film Aliens where one of the heroes,

Private William Hudson (Bill Paxton), yells, "Game over, man. For us, it is obviously NOT yet "game over"


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Digital forms of money are the eventual fate of account (installments). Right now, OneCoin has about 80 billion coins mined and is the biggest digital money organization going to the market.

By giving clients borderless, open and reasonable money related administrations, OneCoin has built up a worldwide, steadfast client base of over 3.6 million.

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How can somebody become some portion of this new and energizing monetary upheaval? In the first place, you just need to open a record with the OneLife system through the greeting of a current OneCoin digger.

At that point you will get an email confirmation affirming your enlistment as a client. An electronic wallet will likewise be consequently made for you.

By investigating a scope of OneCoin instructive items and administrations, clients become acquainted with the manner in which they work together.

For instance with our online stage DealShaker or OneForex

So as to increase full access to OneCoin's impetuses, each client must experience the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process, guaranteeing that all exchanges can be tallied, recorded as needs be inside OneCoin's ground-breaking blockchain.

Contingent upon your business objectives, it is a significant advance when turning out to be a piece of the OneCoin people group now. On the off chance that your principle objective is to turn out to be increasingly acquainted with digital forms of money and their capacities in the budgetary part, at that point joining the OneCoin e-learning instructive stage, OneAcademy could be a beginning.

⁃ To rise like a phoenix from the remains intends to rise up out of a disaster more grounded, more intelligent and all the more dominant. The phoenix fowl is a legendary feathered creature from Greek folklore. We are unquestionably firmly coordinated with this later!

Soon those dishonorable leavers will wish to return and it is my inquiry to them that "what worth would you add to this up and coming monetary upset at that point or you carry with you?" Just recall what you do now will make you grin or cry sometime down the road . . .

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