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For the first time in Amir's ODI 5 wickets

For the first time in Amir's ODI 5 wickets

In the 17th match of the ICC World Cup, Mohammad Amir took 5 wickets for 30 against Australia.
Pakistan's left-arm fast bowler Mohammad Amir bowled five Australian players while bowling the best of his one-day international career, which is the first time that Amir has taken five wickets in any one-day international match.

This is the best performance a bowler has ever had in the recent World Cup.

Mohammad Amir had earlier bowled his best against Sri Lanka, almost 10 years ago, in 2009, he dismissed four players for 28 runs.

The Pakistani left-arm fast bowler has taken 3 wickets in several matches, most notably in the Champions Trophy final when he dismissed India's first 3 players.

He has taken 4 wickets once and 5 wickets during his one-day cricket career. He has made 70 wickets in 54 ODIs so far.
Remember that Australia defeated Pakistan by 41 runs in the 17th match of the World Cup.

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