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America Wins Women's Football World Cup

 America Wins Women's Football World Cup

Defending champions USA successfully defended the FIFA Women's World Cup football title by defeating the Netherlands 0-2 after an exciting and thrilling contest, thus becoming the second consecutive US champion.


    In the second half of the match, Hollande's fall inside the DK kicked American player Alex Morgan, on which the referee gave a US penalty after a TV replay.


  Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rapinoi scored the first goal to give the team the lead.

Eight minutes later, Lavelie of the United States dodged several players and scored a beautiful goal of the match to give the team a 0-2 victory in the final.

The Dutch goalkeeper saved five to six goals in the match.


The US team for the final match is Elisa Nahir, Samantha Moyes, Becky Cyrburn, Lily O'Hara, Abe Dahl Kemper, Julie Ertz, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoye (captain), Rose LaValley, Tobin Hate Crystal Dunn, and Holland's teammate Sara Van Vandal ( Goalkeeper captain), Desiree Van Lanteren, Stefanie van der Graf, Enoch Dekker, Sherida Spotse, Viviane Madeyma, Daniele van de Donk, Lychee Martens, Jackie Groinen, Dominica Bloodworth and Lynette Barren Stein.

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