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In this article we areAMPLIFIER CRICUIT demonstrating how you can construct a 5W stereo sound intensifier utilizing TEA 2025 IC. We have utilized two potentiometers for left and right volume controls. It has control yield is 2.5 watts on the left and right channels. It utilized 9 to 12 volts control supply for every channel.

Circuit and working 

Circuit outline of 5W stereo sound speaker is given beneath.AMPLIFIER CRICUIT This Circuit is worked around IC TEA 2025. Two 10-kilo-ohm potentiometers are likewise part of this circuit, two 8-ohm, 2.5 watts amplifiers and a couple of different segments are portions of this sound enhancer. This enhancer is ideal to utilize together with certain speakers to get sound on your PC or Workstation.

5w Streo Amplifier circuit

Parts list

Part Value                Description

C1 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C2 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C3 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C4 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C5 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C6 470µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C7 100µF 35v polarized Capacitor

C8 470µF 35v polarized Capacitor Product - Tda1543 ,
C9 0.22µF non-enraptured capacitor

C10 0.22µF     non-enraptured capacitor
C11 0.15µF non-enraptured capacitor

C12 0.15µF   non-enraptured capacitor

TEA2025 TEA2025B Amplifier chip IC

SPKR1 4-8 Ohm speaker

SPKR2 4-8 Ohm speaker

R1+R2        10K DUAL Potentiometer

This Circuit gives the most extremeAMPLIFIER CRICUIT addition of 45 dB however it very well may be brought down by setting an outside RC arrangement circuit between the criticism pin (6 and 11 as appeared in circuit chart) and ground. The highlights suggests that not diminish the increase under 36 dB. So as to increase most extreme outcome, use R=0 and C=100 µF between the input and ground. Recurrence recipe is offered underneath to figure the recurrence. Product - Tda1543 ,

FL = 1/(2? CRL) = 80 Hz

AMPLIFIER CRICUITAn astounding component of TEA2025 is it has worked in warm security. its full limit is 5 watts on the off chance that you need to run it on full yield. So to increase full yield you should utilize heat sink in the circuit. On the off chance that you wear not utilize heat sink inward warm assurance won't let the IC to harm it will decrease the yield control when it will detect over the top power.

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