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In this undertaking 3.7 volts battery low full marker, we are going to make an extremely straightforward battery level pointer. This pointer circuit is for 3.7 volts marker. We have structured this circuit with scarcely any segments at home with simple accessible segments. These parts can either be gathered from an old circuit or can be acquired from a hardware shop effectively.

Cricut Diagram

3.7v Battery low full marker

Parts required

Transistor – BC547 x1

Resistor – 1K x2

Resistor – 220 ohm x3

PN-Junction Diode – 1N4007 x1

Driven – 3V x2 (Red for Low charge sign and Green for Full charge sign)

Battery – 3.7V and 3V

Stage 1.

Above all else, associate 1K resistor to Base and producer pin of the transistor as appeared in the image given underneath.

3.7 volts battery marker

Stage 2.

In second stop bind 220-ohm resistor to the gatherer pin of the transistor as appeared in the image.

3.7v battery level inidicator

Stage 3.

In this progression Connect 1 kilo-ohm resistor with the second purpose of the 220-ohm resistor.

3.7 v battery low full pointer

Stage 4.

In stage 4 associate Diode IN4007 with the base purpose of Transistor as we have associated in the image given beneath. Associate the cathode purpose of diode with the base purpose of the transistor.

3.7 V battery full low pointer

Stage 5.

associate – purpose of green drove with Diode – point and +ve purpose of drove green drove with 1k resistor as demonstrated as follows.

3.7v battery level marker

Stage 6.

patch – purpose of red LED to - ve purpose of the diode and + purpose of red drove with gatherer purpose of the transistor as we have appeared in the outline given underneath.

3.7V battery level pointer


Our circuit has been finished Now we check it by associating battery. Associate +ve of 3.7 Volts battery to +ve purpose of green LED and – purpose of 3.7V battery to producer purpose of the transistor as we have associated in the circuit given beneath. 

3.7V battery Charge Indicator

At the point when you will associate 3.V battery then Red LED will gleam totally if the battery will be low. Green Led will shine when the battery will be charged above 3.2V. 

Its tried Circuit its total development focuses can be found in the video given underneath.

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